Contacts | Russian

1992 – “AUTO-EM” company foundation.
The first company in the Russian market of equipment and materials for high quality cars coloring.
The first customer of our company was design office “SUKHOY”. Materials delivery for the sport jets coloring.
The beginning of active cooperation with the major at that time automobile service centers: “ASTO” (representative office of Ford and Toyota), “AUTO-TEMP” (Volvo dealer), “INNIS”, “AUTO-SAN”, “Arteks” (BMW).

1993 - enamel body paints development in the market. Organization of warehouses, training courses for specialists. Employees of the company start regular courses of education and introductory trainings on brand new technologies abroad. Arrangement of training courses for company – partners` specialists in Holland – SIKKENS training center.
The company works on the direction of car painting associated materials: consumables and equipment. Start of the active cooperation with the Dutch company «INP Quality BV».

1994 – the very beginning of cooperation with the largest suppliers of materials for car body repair - «3М» Company. “AUTO-EM” becomes the first partner of «3М» in Russia.
“AUTO-EM” Company stars using spectrophotometers in technologies for paint color matching and composing formulations. This unique equipment was applied for the first time in Russia exactly by “AUTO-EM” Company.

1995 – start of cooperation with «Nova Verta International S.P.A.» Company. First deliveries of Nova Verta spraying booths for Mercedes dealers in Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Nizhnevartovsk.
Our company won a tender for equipment delivery and its assembling for the newest automobile center “TOYOTA Business Car”. In many respects it was a unique and technologically complicated project; it required involvement of high level specialists in different branches of knowledge.
“AUTO-EM” Company participated in international exhibition “AUTO MOTO SHOW” and became its regular participant.
Intensive development of cooperation with Mercedes-Benz company.
Extension of regional representative offices net along the whole Russia including Far East.

1996 – growth of contacts with regions and sales volume increase.
Start of cooperation with «SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH & Co. KG» company. Today “AUTO-EM” Company is one of the largest importers of SATA equipment in Russia.
“AUTO-EM” Company becomes «Filtrair BV» company’s partner and its official exclusive distributor in Russia. «Filtrair BV» is a world-known supplier of air filters for spraying manufactures for leading automobile producers in Europe, North America and Asia.
At the exhibition “AUTOMECHANIKA” in Frankfurt we had talks on the cooperation with Swedish company «IRT».

1997 - “AUTO-EM” becomes an exclusive supplier of IRT equipment in Russia.
Development of cooperation with Festool - the largest supplier of electric tools and pneumatic equipment.
Opening of the first training – advisory center “AUTO-EM” in Russia for companies-partners` specialists.
1998 – agreement with «WOLF Stahlbau GmbH & Co.KG» company (Germany) – the leader in production of high quality level spray booths. 
Development of a new branch – paint materials for metal protection. Spreading of cooperation with Akzo Nobel corporation. Start of delivery of ornate-protective materials.

1999 – development of retail network. Opening of new shops.
Organization of technical service on diagnostics, repair and maintenance of spraying and drying booths and preparation areas.

2000 – breakthrough in deliveries of Wolf`s booths to Russia, conditional on unique technologies of this kind of equipment. Currently the majority of large car body repair services prefer Wolf booths. This equipment is more expensive in comparison with analogues but it possesses a number of advantages which in the final provide the highest quality of repair works. 
Foundation of the company specialized in ornate-protective coatings – “DECO-EM”.
Start of cooperation with «Atlas Copco » company – compressor equipment manufacturer.

2001 – the largest project with “Moscow Monorails Roads” OAO. Constructions of the workshop for monorails carriages paint-coating.
We also successfully implemented the project on creating design and painting technology for temple domes coating (the Temple of Life-giving Trinity of the Patriarchal town church) in Tsaritsino.

2002 – beginning of cooperation with «Blackhawk S.A.» company – the largest manufacturer of equipment for car body repair. “AUTO-EM” becomes an official importer of “Blackhawk” in Russia.

2003 – 2005 further widening of materials and equipment assortment for car body repair.
Implementation of large-scale projects on complex body shops` fitting-out (including lifting devices, ventilation systems, combustive and supply lines, etc.):
AUDI SpecCenter Varshavka (Moscow);
TechCenter GM (Moscow);
TOYOTA Losiniy Ostrov (Moscow);
AOYAMA-Motors Borovskoye shosse (Moscow);
Yellow Taxi (Moscow);
Polikon (Toliyatti);
TOYOTA (Chelyabinsk);
AOYAMA Ural (Ekaterinburg) etc.

The history of “AUTO-EM” – is a history of development of the first company in the Russian market of equipment and materials for car body coating which established highly professional business. «АВТО-ЭМ» cooperates with many professional editions, publishing original articles on painting technology: on stages of preparation, filler, primer, use of IR-dryer, etc. During formation period and further development of the company our specialists greatly assisted painters` education in the sphere of paint-coating and setting high professional standards of work in paint manufactures and car body shops and centers in Russia.