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Project department of “AUTO-EM” company has been developing draft proposals on equipment installation at the technical service stations, workshops of machine-building plants, furniture factories and repair shops already for more than 10 years. Every complete object is unique in its way. We treat every our customer as a business partner, every object designed by our company is tracked by our specialist throughout its existence.
In organization and construction process of any enterprise we carry out the following works:

•    Work out enterprise concept;
•    Develop technological process;
•    Give out draft proposals on equipment placement;
•    Carry out equipment delivery, its assembling and launching;
•    Implement designed technologies, assisting the enterprise to reach the desired level of productivity;
•    Organize training courses for the staff;
•    Carry out regular equipment maintenance and repair works;
•    Organize regular extension courses.
So we cooperate in constant contact with our Customers and get complete feedback on their projects both at the phase of sale and in the process of every day operating. All these facts made it possible to our project department to accumulate unique experience in draft proposals development for service stations and painting productions.

High level of proficiency and experience of our employees are documented by State Licence of Project works.
This department carries out development of project section “Technological decisions”, stages “P” (“Project”) and “W” (“Work”).